Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit

Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit

After weeks of rain and cloudy weather, it’s time to get the summer feeling and summer fashion inspiration with Esprit and go on a shopping spree! Esprit is one of my favourite fashion brands, because the clothes always fit very well and I love the many styles you can create in many different ways. When I have booked an holiday or a city trip I always buy something new 🙂 Clothes means more to me than only the wearing function. Some clothes which I wear during holidays, take me back to that destination when I am back home. They are just like photographs. Nice memories…

I have collect four outfits for three occasion this summer. To the city, to the beach, to Paris and to the airport. Earlier, I shared my summer inspiration outfits with you. So, get inspired!

To the City

You have planned an afternoon in the city. A little bit of shopping, visiting a gallery and after that, to rest your feet, to enjoy a drink or lunch on a sunny terrace. This outfit is lovely to wear and to stroll through the streets and have a splendid time!


2016 06 29 1024x640 - Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit

To the Beach

Long day at the beach, to feel the sand under your feet, to feel the wind in your salty hair and to enjoy the sea and feel the sun on your face! Each season I love to buy a new bikini, to celebrate the start of the summer season, one of my favorites! I love to wear beach outfits, because they give me a “free” feeling and you can combine it with your every day clothes.

2016 06 291 1024x640 - Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit


To the Airport

I love to travel and to wear comfort clothes which are stylish too. I always check the weather of the destination where I am traveling to. With this outfit you can create many styles. This time I choose for the casual style.

2016 06 29 1 1024x640 - Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit


To Paris

If you read my blog you know that I love Paris. A Summer in Paris is wonderful! Last year I visited the city in August and I can highly recommend that. I love the Parisians and their looks. The Parisian look has the  “less is more” rule. You style this look  as if you took it right out of the closet and spend not too many time on it. That is also with make up. Not too much, just a little bit to highlight what you want to express.

2016 06 29 2 1024x640 - Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit


So if you want to treat yourself and to get in the summer feeling, you can have a look at the Esprit site and create your own style.

Have a lovely summer!

What’s your favorite outfit and favorite summer destination?

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