Relax moments with TheeFit

Relax moments with TheeFit

Those days are so busy sometimes that you forget to relax.  I am a great tealover and when I received new tea types  I got the inspiration to share my relax moments with TheeFit.

Theefit sells different types of tea. The tea that you often buy in the supermarket often contains sugars. The philosophy of Theefit is “to search for teas and herbs with unique and healthy properties. The goal of Theefit is to create a brand that works with unique flavors for maximum support for your health.”


Teapot 2 - Relax moments with TheeFit

I had the opportunity to taste the “Wizzly Wobble” and “Sparkly Amber.” The Wizzly Wobble is a delicious spicy tea mix of flavor to give you a nice boost at any time of the day. It has different flavors of vanilla, ginger and sweet cinnamon. The Sparkly Amber is a rare yellow tea with a fresh and full flavor.

Sparkly Amber

The Sparkly Amber tea is a very tasteful tea. It has a very light color,  a real “yellow tea”.  The recommend time of infusion is 3 minutes, the recommended temperature is 70-80 Celsius.

My opinion: a very “light” and delicious, fresh tea. A tea which I will drink often during summer evenings. It reminds me of green tea.

Theefit3 - Relax moments with TheeFit

Theefit2 - Relax moments with TheeFit

Wizzly Wobble

When I opened the package, I smell a delicious spicy smell. This tea has also a light color. The recommend time of infusion is 6-8 minutes, the recommended temperature is 90-100 Celsius.Do you want to try the tea by yourself, then you can click here for more information.

My opinion: delicious taste! I love this tea! Now I tasted two teas, I can say, that the Wizzly Wobble is my favorite!

Theefit5 2 - Relax moments with TheeFit

Theefit7 2 - Relax moments with TheeFit

Thank you Theefit for tasting these delicious teas!

When I drink tea then…

  1. I am reading a book.
  2. I am watching series or movie. I don’t have Netflix (sometimes it feels that I am the only one without :)) I love detectives such as Midsomer Murders, Cobra 11 and French movies.
  3. I am working on my book or blog.
  4. I am spending time on Pinterest to get inspiration in the field of travel, fashion, Paris, home interior and inspiring quotes.
  5. I am enjoying our garden and reading a magazine.

Do you know the TheeFit teas? And what’s your favorite tea moment?


This article contains product (s) which I received from a company.

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