Paris in Photos

Paris in Photos

One thing I love to do is to collect coffee table books. I collect books about Amsterdam, Provence Interiors, Chanel and Paris. But I have always dreamt of my own Paris coffee table book. Paris in Photos. My own photos…with my own memories!

And then I got the opportunity to create a photo book with Fotofabriek.  On this site, you can create many products with your photos, such as posters, calendars, cards, mobile phone cases, stickers…It’s a wonderful idea to give such a gift to someone! Or to create your own Christmas, birthday or invitations cards!

I downloaded the software and started chosing the most beautiful photos of Paris…. It was a lot of work, but I loved to see all these photos again and to reminiscence these Parisian days…

Then I started to fill the book with photos. The software was easy to use and has so many options. You can make the most beautiful photo books I you want. Text, borders, colors… everything is possible and you can stop when you want and go further at a later moment.

Last Saturday afternoon, the book arrived by post.  The book which I had in mind so long. My own coffee table book!

I opened the package and saw a wonderful result. With a cup of tea, I glanced through the pages and it felt I was in Paris at that moment…

collage1 1024x768 - Paris in Photos


collage2 1024x768 - Paris in Photos collage3 1024x768 - Paris in Photoscollage4 1024x768 - Paris in Photoscollage5 1024x768 - Paris in Photoscollage6 1024x768 - Paris in Photoscollage7 1024x768 - Paris in Photos

When I am in Paris I lose track of time and track of reality. And now I can do that with my own photo book, when I haven’t the opportunity to travel to Paris…

This book will get a nice spot on my coffee table!

What do you think of my photo book?

More information about make a photo album, click here.

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