My favorite sneaker celebrates its 100th anniversary!

My favorite sneaker celebrates its 100th anniversary!


Everyone has his/her favorite shoes. When I was a teenager I bought my first All Star and since then it’s one of my favorite sneakers.  Then I got the news that this sneaker celebrates its 100th anniversary. 100!! I didn’t know about this and I indulge myself in the history of this fashionable shoe by means of this beautiful infographic which is created by Kortingsbox.


collage infographic1 - My favorite sneaker celebrates its 100th anniversary!

In this timeline we start in 1950 with the low version of the sneakers. Shirley McLaine (actres and writer) is one of the first women who wear this sneaker. She is the example of the power woman who was already far ahead of her time!

In the 60s it’s possible to choose from different colors. Twiggy, the supermodel, wears them in yellow. These cool sneakers made her image complete!

In the 70s they hit the road with the uptime Punk-Rock outfit. Joan Jett is the figurehead in these years.

In the 80s they also win the hearts of the rebels. Demi Moore is a good figurehead of the rebel pur sang these years.

collageinfographic2 - My favorite sneaker celebrates its 100th anniversary!

In the 90s I was a teenager and I got my first pair of All Stars. They were blue I think. They were very popular. In these years, more than half a billion sneakers were produced! The new century brings another news: Converse is taken over by Nike for 305.000.000 dollar! In 2010, All Stars are sold for the price of 405.000.000 dollar and weared by Rihanna and Michelle Obama.

Twenty years later, I still love these shoes. These shoes are easy to combine and they remembered me of my teenage years. They will remain a fashion item for years!

4 (historic) facts about All Star you never knew

  1. Converse All-Stars were the first on the market in 1917 under the name ‘All-Star’, an attempt by manufacturer Coverse to reach the basketball market. The shoes were not really successful until basketball player Chuck Taylor All-Stars had proclaimed that his favorite shoes. He found the design of the shoes great and promoted the brand. After several changes to the shoe was renamed ‘Converse All-Stars “and a logo was applied to the shoe with Chuck’s name in it.
  2. The Converse All Star shoe is the most successful in our history, currently are sold worldwide over 750 million pairs
  3. Chuck Taylor was in 1920 “spoke person ‘for the shoe. He was a basketball player and improved design. Since then, his name associated with the iconic shoe.
  4. During World War II, American soldiers were trained in Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Do you wear Converse All Stars sneakers?

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