10 Things To Do With a Notebook

10 Things To Do With a Notebook

Today, I will share 10 things to do with a notebook. As a writer and blogger, you can’t do without notebook I think. I always carry a little black notebook with me and I already have many different versions of them. In a way, you can say, that I am collecting them 🙂 You have many sorts of notebooks, for example the Moleskine notebook, which was already used by Hemingway. I always look for notebooks when I visit a bookstore. I love the different designs and I would prefer to buy them all for my collection!

Personalized notebooks

But how fun is it to have notebooks which are personalized? Maxilia.nl gave me the opportunity to design my own notebooks and I am very happy with the result! They kept me well informed about the design process. It was wonderful to have the notebooks for the first time in my hands. My very own notebook is a fact now!

My reasons to use a notebook

Writing down your goals

I love to write down my goals at the beginning of a new year. When I am looking for motivation I take my notebook and read my own notes. Often I get new ideas!

To write down the inspiration that you get when you’re on the go

This is a very important reason for me to use a notebook. When I discover a lovely place, I immediately write it down.

To write down blog ideas

Where I go, I can get inspired. I write down the ideas immediately because you can easily forget them.

To keep a diary

Nowadays, I don’t keep a diary anymore, only if I am on holiday, I write down what we have done and I describe the surroundings and impressions.

To make to do lists

I love to make to do lists. It gives me a good overview what I have to do and might not forget.

To keep an art journal

In the bloggers world I see many bloggers keeping an art journal. It’s very impressive and such a lovely thing to do I think. Maybe one day I will start with it too!

When you are traveling

When I am traveling I love to write down what I see, how my feeling is and I write down the addresses where we had lunch or dinner.

To write down quotes that inspires you

I love quotes! They are very inspiring and can give you the motivation what you need.

To keep cards of hotels, restaurants, people you’ve met

I love to collect card of places where I’ve been and had a great time. I stick them in my notebook and so I have the addresses at hand when I need them.

To make booklists

When I read about a (new) book which I would like to read, I write the title down in my notebook. When I am at the library it’s so much easier to look for books!

Actually, my notebook is a diary that I love to consult often to get inspiration from what collected all the time.

Do you have other reasons to use a notebook? Tell me in the comments below.


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